Evidence based research has shown that the effects of storytelling has proven substantial impacts on our brains and is vital to the conversion process. It is the most effective way to stimulate the sensory cortex and a special class of mirror neurons in our brains causing lasting change when reinforced through repetition.

Stories are at the root of our ability to communicate and understand what’s going on around us. They are a very powerful mnemonic device that has lasting effect on our memory and understanding. Storytelling is proven to improve a child’s overall mental development as well as narrative recall, problem-solving, literacy, abstract thinking, self-regulation and linguistic abilities.

Storytelling has a
lasting impact
How it works

Neural Coupling



Cortex Activity

The Storytelling of Virtual Reality (VR)

Combining Storytelling with multi-sensory effects of VR technology will undoubtedly optimize the user’s ability to retain pertinent information and tools that will assist them to address critical social issues that are affecting our youth today. Its value lies in becoming an alternative way to engage students through enhancement to the physical classroom.

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