The Right Choice Campaign

Helping Kids Make The Right Choices

About The Right Choice Campaign

The Right Choice Campaign is an innovative Strength Based Drug Prevention program intended to build and promote Critical Thinking in our children.


Our program teaches our children how to navigate through some of life’s most difficult situations with clarity and confidence. We use the power of storytelling and VR gamification education to make a deeper and lasting impression in their minds.


Our Virtual Reality technology allows for prevention, early intervention and the ability to measure impact while enabling us to continue to improve upon how we can best help our children in the way they need it most.

How It Works

Drug Prevention Campaign

We have developed a unique interactive VR 360 Drug Prevention Campaign to help our kids make TRCs (The Right Choices) when faced with scenarios that may lead them to take drugs or drink alcohol to fit in or to self-medicate.

VR 360 Platform

Our VR 360 platform lets kids experience a simulated live action, first person interactive perspective on how making alternative choices can lead to lifelong consequences while making the “Right Choices” can empower you to success.

Active Learning

With our program, students are immersed in a multi-sensory experience and active learning situation intended to promote critical thinking and mindfulness.

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