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Volunteers of the month

Want to be a part of our WONDER-ful volunteer team ?

Who are they?

  •  Goes above and beyond the job duties to enhance the reputation of the organization.

  •  Has done something particularly notable in their department.

  •  Is knowledgeable of concepts, resources and provides solid deliverbles.

The WS volunteer of the month program is a way to recognize our amazing volunteers.
Here, we are recognizing volunteers who have shown exceptional merit, commitment, and dedication.



I am an undergraduate student in Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I have always enjoyed writing and photography; combined with a love of reaching out and connecting with others I have found my passion for social media marketing. I have been working in social media for the past five years for various nonprofits and brands, including Girl Scout camps, Vanderbilt University, and Trama Textiles. I believe in the power of online platforms to amplify amazing causes, and one of the causes closest to my heart is empowering and uplifting youth. Volunteering with WonderSeed allows me to use social media to raise awareness for their programs that seek not only to address symptoms of problems youth face but also to address the root of the problems. When I'm not online, I love learning new languages, reading, and taking photos of my dog.

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